I have a small collection of heirloom quality vintage and pre-owned pianos,  some of which I offer for sale… 

Continue to scroll to view photos of a few of the pianos I have available.  Selection may vary. 

Please call me at (704) 537-9668  for a complete current description of the pianos I am currently offering, or to schedule an appointment to visit my showrooms.

Once I have acquired a piano, it is brought back to my shop and taken apart.  All components are thoroughly cleaned and inspected.  Each part is reconditioned to durably and accurately perform its function or it is replaced.  Any scratches or other flaws in the cabinet are repaired and the finish is cleaned and polished, or the piano is completely refinished.  All the hardware is polished to look new or it is re-plated or replaced.  The piano is “voiced, regulated and tuned”.  Each of my pianos has gone through this process.  That allows me to confidently offer a 10-year warranty!   

I realize my selection is somewhat  limited and reflects my personal taste. If your needs and desires require a piano that I don’t have, please call the number above and I would be happy to work with you to help you find a piano that suits  you perfectly.

Rick Conder

Owner: Conder’s Piano Service

All prices include delivery within 50 miles (More than 4 steps up or down could cost extra.), a follow up tuning, and my comprehensive 10-Year Warranty!

You can scroll pictures from side to side for additional angles.

Knabe Baby Grand Piano

61 knabe gd open
61 knabe gd closed
61 knabe gd keys
61 knabe gd leg
61 knabe gd pins
61 knabe gd action
61 knabe gd strings
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Satin Ebony Finish
Bright Tone / Fast Responding Action


Krakauer Baby Grand Piano
28 krak gd open
28 krak gd closed
28 krak gd keys
28 krak gd leg
28 krak gd pins
28 krak gd action
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 Ebony Finish
Beautiful Touch and Tone Quality


Kimball Petite Grand Piano

77 kim pt gd open
77 kim pt gd closed
77 kim pt gd keys
77 kim pt gd leg
77 kim pt gd pins
77 kim pt gd action
77 kim pt gd strings
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Perfect Condition / Pecan Finish
Nice Action / Sounds Great


Continue to scroll. More Grands could be available under Brokerage and consignment near the end of this page.


The following pianos are available for Sale or Rental.

See further details at my rent to own page.


Kohler and Campball Console Piano

80 kc con open
80 kc con closed
80 kc con keys
80 kc con leg
80 kc con action
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    Dark Mahogany Finish / Queen Anne Style / Great Tone Quality


Baldwin  Spinet Piano

92 bald spin open
92 bald spin closed
92 bald spin keys
92 bald spin leg
92 bald spin action
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    Cherry Finish / Queen Anne Style


Kohler and Campball Spinet Piano

62 KC spin open
62 KC spin closed
62 KC spin keys
62 KC spin leg
62 KC spin action
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    Red Mahogany Finish / Great Tone Quality


Janson Console Piano

64 jan con open
64 jan con closed
64 jan con keys
64 jan con leg
64 jan con action
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    Mahogany Finish / Plays Great


The following are pianos that I have available through Consignment.

  These pianos are sold “as is” and are not subject to our warranty.

All prices include delivery within 50 miles of my shop   (More than 4 steps up or down could cost extra.).


Schimmel Baby Grand Piano

84 schim gd open
84 schim gd closed
84 schim gd keys
84 schim gd leg
84 schim gd pins
84 schim gd action
84 schim gd strings
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High Gloss Mahogany Finish / Excellent Action and Tone


I also offer pianos that are available through brokerage.

  These pianos are not located at Conder’s Piano Service.   However, I can schedule appointments to view the pianos on site.  Please call for more details.  These pianos are available “as-is” and delivery is not included.  These pianos are not subject to my Warranty.


None at this time


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